We live in a farming area and the last few months have been very busy on the farm as it has been harvest time.  The corn was finally harvested the weekend after Thanksgiving.   You can see from the pictures that it is a big deal.  We counted four of the big trailers and one dump truck of corn just from our field.  The machinery processes the corn so that only kernels are harvested, the rest goes back onto the field, which helps improve the quality of the soil.  I always enjoy watching all aspects of the farming operation and like to compare the different techniques.  Our field used to be farmed by our former Amish neighbor and they always used horses and horse drawn equipment.  The kids used to harvest the whole ears and throw them into a wagon.  They would shell the corn as they needed it. 

I am always amazed at how much food comes off the local fields.  We are truly blessed to have so much!  And to think, we are more than two miles from a grocery store, so we may live in a food desert according to the government!

Picture of the corn harvester downloading corn into the trailer.
Market Street Yarn and Crafts and Sew Creative are participating (as one store) in the downtown Parkersburg elf promotion.  Participating stores, restaurants, etc. each have an elf living/hiding  in the store for the month of December.  People who participate will receive a form with pictures of all the elves and can get each elf stamped by visiting its sponsoring store, no purchase is necessary.  When all 20 businesses have been visited, the visiting elf located and the appropriate blank stamped, mail your form, to:  Downtown PKB, ATTN:  Elf Drawing, 409 1/2 Market Street, Parkersburg, WV 26101, by January 7 to participate in the drawing.  In addition there will be a draw each day from "sELFies" posted on Parkersburg's Facebook page.  Rules and regulations are posted on downtownpkb.com.

Market Street Yarn and Crafts and Sew Creative are hosting Alexander (photo above with some local pottery).  Alexander "A.P." Donagho came to Parkersburg from Pennsylvania in the early 1870's to purchase the first pottery business in the community.  The kiln, located near the intersection of Murdock and Emerson Avenues, which used to be called Pottery Junction, stopped firing many years ago, but occasionally a crock can be found. 

Market Street Yarn and Crafts has a brand new computer!  Hip, Hip, Hip, hooray!  It is finally time and a good thing!  (I have to admit that it has been a few weeks.)  My speed at getting acquainted with a new computer has been a bit slow.  All of my saved user names and passwords--gone, but I am slowly coming back and getting things to run.  The blog unfortunately, suffered from neglect during this time.  I will try to do better.

In the meantime, the new fall yarns are coming in and they are lovely.  I have been on the hunt for new companies that use US grown fiber and also produce their yarn in the states.  I have some lovely new products that fit this criteria.  Two of the new companies are Done Roving and Kraemer.  The first is a company out of Maine and the second is from Pennsylvania.  From Kraemer we have some beautiful natural colored alpaca made from US fiber.  We have brown and rose gray.  It is a chunky weight and just lovely.  Done Roving is the source of some of the brightest superwash merino sock yarn that I have ever seen.

I'll try to get some pictures up as soon as I can.  My picture system is new also, but I am in the process of figuring it out.

Misina is a brand new yarn (for Market Street Yarn and Crafts)  from Lana Gatto.  It is 100% virgin wool in a light worsted weight.  It has a lovely hand and beautiful stitch definition and comes in 42 beautiful colors, all of which we have in stock.   A ball weighs 50 grams with 109 yards and comes at a bargain price of $6.50.  To encourage our customers to try it, we are offering it at $5.50 through the end of November.  Come in, get a ball or two and try it.




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Most of you are probably interested in an update on the little guineas, so before anything else I will let you know they are doing great.  They are 3 or 4 times bigger than they were when they hatched.  They are even getting little wing feathers on their little stubby wing, soon they will be flying.  Their mother is still deadly serious.  She calls them under her whenever something scares her and has taught them all to eat and drink so they are growing like weeds.  The daddy guinea is still patrolling around and under the pen.  He will even fly at you when you get too close.  Unfortunately, the little guys are not photogenic.  Yesterday, they were all looking out the window of the pen and you could just see the top half of their little heads with their little eyes looking out.  Unfortunately, they didn't show up in the picture.

So, instead, I am showing you a couple of  pictures from  the sewing class we had on Saturday.  We didn't use the flash, so they are a bit dark.  Husqvarna Viking provided the instructor and the machines for students to use.  The bottom photo is of our instructor in her crabby outfit.  The crabby outfit is to demonstrate how machines make you feel when they don't work do what you want them to do.  Fortunately, the machines we were using were doing everything and way more than we had even imagined, so the instructor didn't get to wear her gear any time at all.  We had a lot of fun and learned about the Husqvarna Viking Diamond Royale while making monogrammed towels.  The Royale is a fantastic machine, a machine to be coveted by any one who sews a lot.

...but what an exciting morning.  This morning a helicopter, a very tiny gold and blue helicopter, kept buzzing and buzzing around the area.  It was flying very low and in what looked like a grid.
We watched it for awhile during the dog walk and then I went in to get ready for work.  
     A few minutes later Mack came running in saying that we had work to do.  I couldn't imagine what so finished dressing and rushed out.  The Mama Guinea had hatched her eggs and left the nest.  I haven't written about the mama guinea.  She has been sitting on a nest under the elderberry bush in the driveway for the last 3 weeks.  This morning she was in the driveway with her 12 or 13 babies (we aren't sure which--we never could count them)  trying frantically to get everyone together and organized.  The daddy was on the other side of the fence trying to help, the cats were a bit further out licking their chops and waiting for a mistake.   The babies shot under the fence when we tried to catch them and the daddy  took them under his wing. The mama, by this time, had made it under the fence and was dive bombing my head.  I was wishing I had put on safety glasses.  Eventually I caught all the babies. They are so tiny, just little fluff balls.  If you grab them with your fingers, they crush, so you have to put your hand under them and scoop them up.  I put them in a tub and tried to use them to lure the mother into a pen we had ready for them.  She was so frantic, she couldn't catch on.  She kept running back to the nest to look for the babies.  Mack finally caught her and we put her in the pen with her babies.  At first she panicked, because she though she was trapped away from her babies.  But, then she realized they were hers.  It took her a few minutes to organize them, but when we left she had everything under control. With all the excitement, we were a couple of minutes late to the store.  I apologize if anyone was inconvenienced.

Parkersburg is having a block party on Saturday, September 13.  TAKE NOTE--Market Street will be closed to traffic starting sometime in the morning before 10:00 am until about 3:00 pm.  That means not only no parking, but no driving!

To "celebrate" and reward customers who decide to come into either of our stores during the block party--Market Street Yarn and Crafts and Sew Creative are having a one day sale.  Everything, except items already on sale, will be 20% off, Saturday, September 13, only. 




Thank you Linda Hall and Viking for the great trunk show you put on August 12!  I believe all the attendees had a great time, I know I did.  Everything went very well, in spite of all the technical difficulties.  Two people have called with special thanks and many others expressed their enjoyment and appreciation before they left on Tuesday.  It is so much fun to get together and spend time doing what we truly enjoy.  The new ideas and motivation are fantastic.

Thank you Stephanie for the excellent scones!  We are truly thankful that you took the trouble to make these fresh for us the morning of the event, when you had to make a trip to Cleveland that day.  The poppy seed-lemon scones were an absolute favorite.  There was a draw though on whether we liked the lemon curd or the Devonshire cream the best.  I am still debating and can't speak for anyone else.  Your treats were a great hit!

Thank you attendees!  We very much appreciate your support.  An event like the trunk show takes a lot of work and can not be successful without you.  Some of you even took a day off from work to attend.  Your enthusiasm and ideas are truly motivational.   Thank you so much for being you!

I hope you all enjoyed yourselves, I know I did.
Yes, those blue brown things are potatoes!  Potatoes out of our garden.  The yellow pepper is there for scale.  It is about 10 inches long, so as you can see the potatoes are pretty big.  In fact they are the biggest blue potatoes we have ever grown and I am quite looking forward to eating them since this type of blue potato is my absolute favorite potato.  It is the same color inside as outside so mashed potatoes are a bit blue gray looking, but they are the best!  My mouth is watering just thinking about eating them.  Today, for lunch we will have a microwaved blue potato, but this weekend we are looking forward to my favorite mashed blue potatoes.  We also grow red skinned and yukon gold potatoes in our garden and they are good, maybe someone else's favorite potato, but they don't even compare with the blue ones in my opinion.  If you get the chance try some blue potatoes!

Does anyone know anything about coffee trees?  I have had a coffee tree for years.  It lives in the sun room and has always been a beautiful green plant.  This year, however, it decided to do something big and different--it bloomed.  There were thousands and thousands of blossoms as you can see from the couple of branches in the picture.  The blooms lasted about a day and were gone just as fast they showed up.  Of course, since it is inside, there are no bees, and not much of a breeze, so the question is were the blossoms fertilized; i.e. will there be coffee beans on this tree? Or even for that matter, can coffee trees self fertilize?  Does it need a companion tree?
Well, whether or not we get blooms, it was lovely for a day and during that day the sun room had a lovely fragrance, not a bit like coffee, though.