Today is the first day of September—school is back in session, weather is turning cooler and it is time to pick up those knitting needles if we plan to finish those precious knit presents before the Holidays and to announce some store news.

We generally publish a newsletter 4 times a year in September, December, March and June.  To keep up with the times and keep you, our customers, better informed we have decided to use this blog to communicate with you rather than through a newsletter.  Class schedules will be done on a monthly basis and posted on the web site.  Information on classes, new yarns, books, magazines and other item of interest will be more timely and there will be much more available.  We will try for at least a weekly blog and hopefully get to several a week—a blog whenever there is something to write about.

I plan to write about new yarns, patterns, and other news.  I have been asked to keep you updated on my projects.  A customer asked me how many projects I was working on and I told her 4.  When I counted up my store projects as well as those at home, the number was 27.  I am afraid, that now, several months later, it is up into the 30s.  Would hearing about my progress be motivational, humorous, or of any interest at all? Any other suggestions.  I could continue the saga of LG and our other farm pets.  Let me know what you think and we will see what we can d