Wow!  We have been back from New York a little over a week and have we been busy.  Lots of the new fall yarns arrived while we were gone.  UPS brought the whole week's worth all at once plus we had a box arrive every day since.  The packages that came today and yesterday were for Sew Creative, but it still makes lots of (fun) work.

Since it is impossible to write about everything in one blog post, I will try to write about different yarns, books, or whatever,  in each post.  It is hard to decide what to pick first--beaded yarns, mohair with glitz, gorgeous tweeds?  

Let's start with Maggi Knits.
Fashion designer Maggie Jackson has been around for a long time, but I never paid much attention to her designs.  This year, for some reason, they really appealed to me.  Perhaps it is because I am getting old enough not to care what other people think of what I wear.  More likely, it is because the sales representative had some completed shawls from several of her kits and a very complete selection of her books.  I was actually able to see completed projects and books, not just notional outlines or descriptions.  I loved them!  She actually includes designer button in the kits!

Maggie Jackson is a fashion designer with a degree from The College of Art and Design and a postgraduate diploma in Fashion Knitwear.  She was awarded the highest marks in the history of the college.  Since then she has won a string of design awards: 
1989 the coveted title of Northern Ireland's young "Business and Professional Woman of the Year"
1994--The Guinness Special Award for Design Excellence
1996--Second place in the International Mohair Competition for the most innovative ladies garments
2003--a place in the Who's Who in Textiles

As a business woman, I am impressed!  According to Maggie's Story  in Maggiknits Irish MK Collection Book 16 her designs combine a "Sense of history with a touch of class."   One of our customer's said "her designs are beautiful but they have a little bit of an out there look".  That is probably an understatement--  BUT they are lovely and you can knit them yourself (or buy them already made up).  I personally am for knitting them myself.  We have 3 kits in the store, but I have fallen in love with one of the shawls in Book 16 and can hardly wait to make it.  The only thing that has slowed me down is that I can't decide which beautiful color combination to use.  These patterns are also a great way to use some of those beautiful one skein purchases or leftovers from a favorite project.